Monday, April 9, 2007

Well I'm Back.... Blah!

That's right it's all over. I'm back and I'm back to work tomorrow. God damn. So it was a good trip. Tons of fun three months of surf sand and boulders. So if you're pumped for me to go on another trip just send me more money and I'll take off tomorrow. Anyways right now in the works is South Africa for the middle of August. Anyone interested coming just sign up.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Grampians Pictures

My two week Home
Kangaroo Jack
Kangaroo Jack became Kangaroo Splat.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Grampians Update

Well I've been here a week and have one more to go. Sent some hard problems fall off a lot more. But it's been good times. That is to say smashing my rental car into a Kangaroo wasn't,little bastard. Cost me 300 bucks. There is a good reason why you get the extra insurance, otherwise I would have been out. a couple grand. I'll post pictures tomorrow tonight I'm just recharging my Ipod. It's weird here I haven't seen one other boulder. So the high balls might have to wait. I'll write more tomorrow. The Wheel of Life waits for no one.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Update Time!

Well I thought I'd let everyone know that I'm slowly coming to an end here in Australia. Just over two weeks left and I'm heading down to the Grampians for my last two weeks. All climbing all the time. In other words a whole lot of not bathing. They have campgrounds but no water at them. They recommend that you bring four liters of water a day. Looks like I'll be making a few trips into town. Either that or see how long my Nalgene can last.

Also my surfing here in Oz has come to an end as well. I had to have Janelle take my board home because I didn't want to carry it around with me in the Gramps and It would have been too much stuff to carry on the plane. So two and a half months surfing and I improved enough that instead of Punching me and cutting my lease (Point Break) they just slash at me to try and draw sharks.

I mean Keanu Reeves can learn to do cut backs and floaters in a week. What the hell happened to me. Maybe I need to find Patrick Swayze.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Mars Volta Concert

Well last night was The Mars Volta concert and it just might have been the best show I've ever been too. They played for over 2 hours and shook the freaking building to the ground. Awesome.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Tasman Update

Hey everyone. Sorry there aren't many computers down in Tasmania.
So I managed to find a internet cafe in Hobart. But no camera connection so Pictures will have to uploaded when i get back to Sydney.

Well anyways Janelle and I have been down here now ten days traveling around in a Rented Britz Van. Sort of like my Eurovan but camperised. we've been all over Tasmania we've hit all corners and seen more Winers and Cheese Factories then you can shake a stick at. Quite nice. oh and we found some bouldering down here. which was really good Sandstone roofs. really rad and hard. Janelle got all freaked out when we found out that where we were bouldering was where the Snakes mate. Anyways they can get quite aggressive. So in other words she freaked and we aren't going back there anytime soon. Well we had back to Sydney in a couple days so I'll post pictures then. But if you want a mental Picture to hold on to imagine Ireland with less water. m.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Standard Tourist Pics

Australian Alcatraz. Couple of Hundered years ago they used to keep prisoners on this island. Then they would chum up the waters so there would be sharks in the area.
Just some handsome devil.
Opera man's secret hide out.
Janelle posing in the land down under.
Funny tag.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Some Pictures from the last few days

Cool Dyno

Garrett doing a head stand...

So we went up to Wollongong this last weekend. It was good times. The waves were quite small but we still had a blast. The above pictures of me climbing are in the Balkan Hills. Nice area though it was super hot. I think I got heat stroke, either that or I was still recovering from a great weekend of splashing around in the waves.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Waves at my Beach

They were a bit big today. They closed the beach to swimming so I didn't go out it was a bit scary and the waves looked really heavy. I don't know if I mentioned but the other day I crashed while surfing and was held down for almost a minute. Pretty exciting. I'm just glad my board floats and that I could get a breath before the next wave hit.

Bloody Flapper

Climbing in Sydney

Sissy Crag

Hey there. Well I went climbing again today after almost 6 inchs of rain in 24 hours. It's hot here so it dries up fast. Well I got a flapper on my Pinky finger which if anyone knows is the almost the worst climbing injury you can get next to the dreaded torn. But I think I will recover, though I might need a Skin Graft. So if you have extra butt flesh send word. Or I'll write you I know the people out there with excess.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Rainy Day

Lame Video of the 145mm of rain that we got here in Sydney in one day.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Some Pictures

Climbing in Sydney

Me walking

Canyon jumping.

Garrett Climbing

Monday, February 5, 2007

Long over Due.

Hey everyone sorry I haven't been posting more, and sorry I haven't posted more pictures. To be honest I hate PCs and find them needlessly complicated. So until the stupid people at the Internet company final hook up Garrett's Internet I will only post a couple pictures now and then... (Today not being one of theses days.)

So what have I been doing well surfing and climbing. Well bouldering anyways. I went to this super awesome area in Sydney Yesterday which has the most concentration of problems in all of New South Wales. The rock is sand stone a little like Font though with out the nice shapes that France has to offer. I climbed a lot maybe 40 problems though it was super hot and I got a bit of sun stroke. I know this because when I went to buy beer after climbing I came away with Ginger Beer. Which if you've ever had is about the most terrible tasting stuff on the planet (turpentine).

If your interested in the area i went bouldering at it's in the Hills District. Kind of far from Manly where I'm staying. That and you have to pay a tole to drive across town (4 bucks each way). Sydney is huge also if you haven't been here takes forever to get across like 3 hours from one side to the other. It's like if they added Hope to Vancouver. Crazy really.

I've also been surfing a lot I'm pleased to say I am improving though it's a baby steps. That and I'm no longer being laughed at from the shore or by the other surfers. I think they now just keep it on the inside. The waves average around 4 feet to about 7 feet max. (That I've seen anyways.) I've only been to three breaks Curl Curl, Manly and Dee Way. Nice beaches though you have to be care full when the wind is blowing in from the ocean you get Jelly Fish called Blue Bottles which sting and hurt like hell. Luckily I haven't been hit yet though I saw a guy who had and he was all up in arms about it. Wimp... Jinx.

I'm planning on heading down to the Grampians in a couple of days for a few weeks of full on climbing. The reason I haven't gone yet is the temperature has been hovering around 40 for the past three weeks. Which makes friction a tad tough when you can't even touch the rock for fear of a burn.

Monday, January 29, 2007


Here's that video that I was talking about yesterday.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Australia National Down Hill

So this weekend I went to the Down Hill Nationals. In a word "FREAKINGHOT" all one word. It was dusty and hot. they had a forest fire a couple of years ago burning all the trees in the area to the ground. (Nice!) The weather there was unreal like in the mid forties. I thought i was going to pass out when we stopped the car and the A/C got shut off. madness.
Garrett did pretty well seeing as he only got three practice runs and most people had over twenty. so 33 was a good show out of the some hundred that showed up.

It was good times I sat myself by the biggest jump and watched crash after crash. two broken collar bones and one broken ankle. Pretty brutal. but I had a cold beer with me at most times so i was okay. I'm going to try and post a video i shot on utube then link it to this site so you can see Garrett taking the jump and almost eating it. Oh and I had them take a picture of the over all world Champ. enjoy.

Okay so i tried to set up the video but it's taking forever. so it'll have to be tomorrow. sorry.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tool Concert

Well last night was the concert for TOOL. In a word..."Awesome" There was no opening act but still it was awesome. The show had lasers smoke and a major light show. It was so loud that i could feel the music passing through me making my whole body vibrate. It was awesome. good times.

Tomorrow I'm heading in land to watch Garrett compete in National Down Hill Championship should be good times. The weather is going to be crazy 42 degrees. Freaking hot.

I'll post more pictures when i get a better computer these PC's are so slow that it takes 20 minutes just to load one.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Some pictures from the trip

Hi all! this is the beach that is just a five minutes walk from where i'm staying. And this is also my new surf board. 6'6 fish. it's taking some time to get use too.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Finally In Astralia

Hey all!!

Well i made it. 27 hours traveling sucks ass. That and being 6'3 doesn't help either. But whatever. I took jet lag pills the whole way and they worked like a dream. no jet lag at all. weird? So this morning (my first real day here) I got up at 6 and went surfing. Waves were about 6 feet and I got crushed, but in my defense i was riding a borrowed board that was way different then anything I've ever ridden before. The beach is only minutes away from where i'm staying. I will post pictures later, I left the cord in my other bag and couldn't hook up my camera to this PC monster. Oh and it's going to be 38 degrees today. Hot. well I'll keep you all updated I'm heading to the blue mountains tomorrow for some climbing and cliff diving.