Friday, November 21, 2008

Thinking about Ones Self and Their Place in the World.

So today I was sitting around watching Comedians on Youtube and I got to thinking about my place in the world. I asked myself am I important to society? Sure I consume as good as the next guy, i.e., Iphone, Audi, and every new gadget under the sun. Hell I'm writing this on my Mac Book Pro, but am I do anything for the betterment of the world.?

I make movies. Or I work on Movies. It brings enjoyment into the world. Or at least some movies. Not the ones I work on. There are a hundred percent crap. Sorry!

So as I sit here with one too many Long Island Ice Teas in me I ask the world and myself what can I bring to this world that hasn't been seen before?

I'm at a loss.

But I can say I haven't quit. I think back to the 90's and a song about wearing Sun Screen (Songs pretty terrible). That's me or will be. Forty and don't know what to do with my life. But at least I'll be interesting.

Yesterday it was announced that Einstein's theory of Relativity  E = mc^2\,was proven correct! 103 years later. Talk about leaving a lasting effect on the world.

Now I know I'll never prove great theorems. Or invent or cure.

But I ask myself Can I find a place in this world?

Can I?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Window in a storm!

Friday November 14th will go down as one of the nicest climbing days in a long time. I will remember it well. I had Squamish all to myself. Literally! No one around. I was shocked!

I tried to convince a few people to go up. Most either didn't believe or had to work. So I was left climbing by myself. I was super psyched to go try my project but alas an important crimp was wet. I tried to dry it with my t-shirt and a ton of chalk.... but it was seeping. Numerous of tries, but no joy. That and one scary fall off of the crimp that spat me off and away from the pads into a hole of rock and nastiness. But I lived! Or they Live! Ala Roddy Roddy Piper! Good John Carpenter movie.

So as it sits I'm watching the weather waiting for another awesome window because even though my project was wet, lots of other problems weren't. After two hours of battling a wet hold I decided to do a circuit of classics. 50 points later I had a rad day.

Well next week looks promising. Hope it works out! And maybe with a little luck I'll get another crack at my endless project!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Old Climbing Video

Squamish Bouldering 2001 from Matt Lucas on Vimeo.

Just an old Video that I edited with Janelle's parents mac in 2001. Quality... Or not. Some funny glitches and weird pops but pretty good clarity. Hope you all enjoy. Oh it's long so I hope you went to the bathroom before you started it!

Friday, November 7, 2008

No Leavenworth!

Bubbles and I had planned on going down to Leavenworth this long weekend. But the weather decided to totally fuck us. (Can I say that on this do people get offended by such a word? Well fuck if I care!... Just kidding.)
So now I'm stuck in rainy Vancouver with no climbing aside from the gym. Talk about lame.

I missed a small window on Wednesday. I had to drive Janelle to the airport and see her off. My friends in Squamish rubbed in the fact I missed that day. So now I'm sitting here wondering if I'll see another climbing day outside in Squamish this year. Outlook... bleak!

But Janelle and I did book a four day getaway to Big White! Which I'm pretty psyched about let me tell you. I hope they have tons of powder and great conditions. I mean if we can't climb because of the weather might as well get good snow out of the deal. That and I got a new snowboard this year and kit.

So today I worked out by myself. Talk about hard. I'm freaking lazy when it comes to that sort of stuff... or pretty much anything. So I had to dig really deep and find my inner beast. I thought of Ronnie Coleman and him doing 400 pound flies. Makes my 100 not seem so bad. I managed to finish my workout with minimal tears and only one nap.

Right now I'm on stand by. I'm like a Chuck Norris doll just break the glass when there's a global crisis and it's go time for him. Same for me... Just with dry climbing and free food!