Saturday, November 15, 2008

Window in a storm!

Friday November 14th will go down as one of the nicest climbing days in a long time. I will remember it well. I had Squamish all to myself. Literally! No one around. I was shocked!

I tried to convince a few people to go up. Most either didn't believe or had to work. So I was left climbing by myself. I was super psyched to go try my project but alas an important crimp was wet. I tried to dry it with my t-shirt and a ton of chalk.... but it was seeping. Numerous of tries, but no joy. That and one scary fall off of the crimp that spat me off and away from the pads into a hole of rock and nastiness. But I lived! Or they Live! Ala Roddy Roddy Piper! Good John Carpenter movie.

So as it sits I'm watching the weather waiting for another awesome window because even though my project was wet, lots of other problems weren't. After two hours of battling a wet hold I decided to do a circuit of classics. 50 points later I had a rad day.

Well next week looks promising. Hope it works out! And maybe with a little luck I'll get another crack at my endless project!


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