Thursday, June 30, 2011

More then half way home!

I'm a unstoppable climbing machine!!!

Or at least that's my mantra before I go to sleep each night.

My body is sore! Boom!

I don't think climbing five days a week would be so bad if I wasn't in the middle of a training program.

Basically I've been forced to do weights and pull-ups on climbing days. It's making it difficult to feel 100% while climbing.

Though I do feel stronger, it hasn't lead to many new sends.

So far I've climbed 43 days in Squamish this year. Which when I write it, it doesn't seem like that much. But I did go away for a month. I'm more than halfway done my climbing goal for the year.

Today I finally dropped under 200 pounds. Now I know what your thinking, "Holy crap that guy was a fat bastard". But my mother was married so I'm not a bastard. Yes I was gigantantor. But I am bigger than you so that does mean I'm going to weigh more than the average bear.

The weather this year has been really weird. It's rained a lot. More than I can remember in previous years. That said I've still been able to get out and go climbing.

Driving to Squamish when it's pouring in North Van is very hard on psyche. It's tough to have faith that my friends in Squamish aren't messing with me. I mean if someone told me it was going to be dry and it wasn't, damn I'd feel betrayed.


So it's been a busy year so far in the forest with many traveling climbers. I love seeing new faces, and seeing people hyped to get out and climb. A couple things that does suck however is coming up to your project and there's some dudes playing crappy music with their cell phone. I'm not a hater of music or anything but I'd rather just enjoy nature without listening to electric guitars over an iphone. Also the amount of garbage in the forest increases as well as people wandering off trail.

A couple of goals for the rest of the summer are:
  • 190... Pounds
  • 150 Days by the end of August
  • A bunch of hard new problems
  • Do the highball project I cleaned off
  • 100 problem day in the forest
  • 200 point climbing day (might happen on the 100 problem day)
  • 20 pull-ups in a row
  • Deadlift 500
  • #AIDIW
Anyways that's my goals and blah blah blah.

Oh and if I didn't ask I don't want to know how many tries it took you... Joking! I'm glad you told me that way we both know how awesome you are...