Friday, March 28, 2008

New Zealand Pic's and Update.

Howdy All! Or my mom as she's the only one who looks at this.

So I've been in New Zealand about ten days now. Down in the South Island about an hour and half outside of Christchurch. In a place called Castle Hill.

I've been hanging out with a couple friends.

Pete and Tim.

We've been bouldering alot since we've got here. And let me tell you, the style here is hard. Mantles, Pockets, Sleek feet, and tall problems. So all and all it makes for a lot of fun with a couple of tears in between.

Well one of the funny things about Castle Hill is that it has mountain Parrots. Called Kai's. Smart little buggers. They work in teams and eat just about anything. Just ask Pete who got his thermarest eaten. So we learned fast not to leave food in our tents or say just outside our van.

Tim, Pete and myself bought a 1989 Toyota van. Quite the gem! But it runs good and if all works out well we can sell it when we leave and get back all our money... Yeah right! But it's a plan. The insurance here is so cheap. 12 dollars a month. Nice! But gas cost 1.84 a liter. so that's not cheap.
But Brad is showing up today and we'll make him pay for gas until he leaves. Or throws a fit and we agree to split it four ways.

Well I'm off to buy a bagel and maybe get a drink catch you all in a couple days.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Australia Weddings

So a quick 15 hour flight and I'm down under. One strip search, and my friends picked me up and straight to a suit fitting and refit. Apparently everyone in Australia are Tyrannosauruses Rex's.

Short arm freaks!

After some quick fixes I was off to the rehearsal. A few dodged bullets and one angry ex. I've made out with only a seven year coma. Then out for pints and eats. Few! The next morning I got up super early and went surfing. Though I forgot sun screen on my legs. So third degree burns on my legs. And a evening of crying.

Garrett, Graham, Gerritt and myself all found ourselves some drinks and spent the evening trying to kill Garrett. Having Garrett jump off a forty cliff in the pitch dark where the ocean underneath was full of sea urchins.

Good times.

Another day and another wedding! Good times free drinks! Maybe too many drinks. I made the best man speech. Then the true best man made a better speech. So in the end it all worked out for the best.

Well tomorrow I head to New Zealand for the bouldering part of my trip.

Updating soon.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Leaving tomorrow!

I'm out of here! See ya rainy crappy weather. Hello dry New Zealand.
So I have a quick stop in Australia. I have some best man duties to preform. A couple speeches, A couple drinks, and hopefully a ton of laughs. My good buddy Garrett is jumping of that metaphorical cliff called marriage. I'm pretty psyched for this wedding. Garrett is totally insane and has all the grooms men wearing brown suits and there's word of a pirate ship. That and folks down-under love a party. So hopefully I don't fall completely out of shape. Well hopefully next post I'll have some pictures from the wedding or I'll be in Christchurch and have some bouldering pics. Instead I'll post a picture of Patrick Swayze.