Sunday, March 16, 2008

Australia Weddings

So a quick 15 hour flight and I'm down under. One strip search, and my friends picked me up and straight to a suit fitting and refit. Apparently everyone in Australia are Tyrannosauruses Rex's.

Short arm freaks!

After some quick fixes I was off to the rehearsal. A few dodged bullets and one angry ex. I've made out with only a seven year coma. Then out for pints and eats. Few! The next morning I got up super early and went surfing. Though I forgot sun screen on my legs. So third degree burns on my legs. And a evening of crying.

Garrett, Graham, Gerritt and myself all found ourselves some drinks and spent the evening trying to kill Garrett. Having Garrett jump off a forty cliff in the pitch dark where the ocean underneath was full of sea urchins.

Good times.

Another day and another wedding! Good times free drinks! Maybe too many drinks. I made the best man speech. Then the true best man made a better speech. So in the end it all worked out for the best.

Well tomorrow I head to New Zealand for the bouldering part of my trip.

Updating soon.

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