Monday, April 12, 2010

Where my heads at!

Sorry, sorry I know.

You've been pressing the refresh button for the last 3 weeks straight.

Here's the news. Lots of projects on the go and sadly most of them have been none climbing related. That and the weather here has been terrible. Lots of rain, and even more rain.

I had a big long weekend planned to drive down to Leavenworth and see what all the fuss was about. Just about every weather site I checked told of the coming apocalypse. So no joy. Instead I spent the Easter weekend eating and eating and eating and sitting on the couch watching movie after movie. So not only was I missing out on climbing fun, I was sabotaging my future climbing days with Mac and Cheese pizza.

This last weekend the weather finally broke. I sent out a dove and it returned with dry rock. Got out to Squamish this weekend and just climbed around and put out some feelers of potential spring projects. There were a lot of volunteers but I haven't found the something to really catch my eye and have me devout the next two months to.

So I'll leave you all with some hot photos from my good buddy Mike Chapman. He's the guy I steal 90% of all my photos from. Mike's been talking about putting out a Squamish Climbing coffee table book. I think it could be a real hit with large glossy photos. And the book could also act as a coffee table if you attach legs to it.

More to come!