Friday, March 28, 2008

New Zealand Pic's and Update.

Howdy All! Or my mom as she's the only one who looks at this.

So I've been in New Zealand about ten days now. Down in the South Island about an hour and half outside of Christchurch. In a place called Castle Hill.

I've been hanging out with a couple friends.

Pete and Tim.

We've been bouldering alot since we've got here. And let me tell you, the style here is hard. Mantles, Pockets, Sleek feet, and tall problems. So all and all it makes for a lot of fun with a couple of tears in between.

Well one of the funny things about Castle Hill is that it has mountain Parrots. Called Kai's. Smart little buggers. They work in teams and eat just about anything. Just ask Pete who got his thermarest eaten. So we learned fast not to leave food in our tents or say just outside our van.

Tim, Pete and myself bought a 1989 Toyota van. Quite the gem! But it runs good and if all works out well we can sell it when we leave and get back all our money... Yeah right! But it's a plan. The insurance here is so cheap. 12 dollars a month. Nice! But gas cost 1.84 a liter. so that's not cheap.
But Brad is showing up today and we'll make him pay for gas until he leaves. Or throws a fit and we agree to split it four ways.

Well I'm off to buy a bagel and maybe get a drink catch you all in a couple days.


Anonymous said...

See please here

Pat said...

Hey dude, you should learn how to flip your pictures. I know I'm the only one that actually looks at your blog, but I still have some minimum standards.

Say hi to Tim and Pete.

Janelle said...

Dont click on the see please here link in the message from akinogal. It is a virus.