Friday, November 7, 2008

No Leavenworth!

Bubbles and I had planned on going down to Leavenworth this long weekend. But the weather decided to totally fuck us. (Can I say that on this do people get offended by such a word? Well fuck if I care!... Just kidding.)
So now I'm stuck in rainy Vancouver with no climbing aside from the gym. Talk about lame.

I missed a small window on Wednesday. I had to drive Janelle to the airport and see her off. My friends in Squamish rubbed in the fact I missed that day. So now I'm sitting here wondering if I'll see another climbing day outside in Squamish this year. Outlook... bleak!

But Janelle and I did book a four day getaway to Big White! Which I'm pretty psyched about let me tell you. I hope they have tons of powder and great conditions. I mean if we can't climb because of the weather might as well get good snow out of the deal. That and I got a new snowboard this year and kit.

So today I worked out by myself. Talk about hard. I'm freaking lazy when it comes to that sort of stuff... or pretty much anything. So I had to dig really deep and find my inner beast. I thought of Ronnie Coleman and him doing 400 pound flies. Makes my 100 not seem so bad. I managed to finish my workout with minimal tears and only one nap.

Right now I'm on stand by. I'm like a Chuck Norris doll just break the glass when there's a global crisis and it's go time for him. Same for me... Just with dry climbing and free food!


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