Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Couple of Weeks and Still No Success

Hey Kids!

I've been trying my project for the last month and still no success! Talk about annoying. I've fallen 6 times now past the crux and it's sucking my psych. I must say that the temps in Squamish were some of the best I've had all year. Yesterday was painfully close but it was a high stress day. Surprisingly the tension in the forest could have been cut with a knife. I won't go into details but it was by far the strangest day possibly ever. Fist fights, screaming and Brent buying a van that you can actually drive.

It looks like the rain has come. Super sad I love the cold dry conditions. I guess I'm going to have to head back into the gym. This year I plan to really train. So watch out campus board your about to get your stress limit tested. How many times has it had 220 pounds trying to tear it from the wall. I set a goal last year but lost track of it early. This coming new year is going to be different. Double digits this year!... (hotdogs in one sitting)

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