Friday, October 17, 2008

What's New.

Well it's been a while since I last posted. Almost so long that probably no one checks this anymore.

Well after New Zealand I got back to Vancouver for 7 days and flew to Germany with Janelle for a month.

Janelle had a work conference in Berlin that I tagged along to. While she spent the days learning all about Trademarks I hung out in the city. Pretty cool place if I do say so myself. After 7 days of German beer and plenty of awesome sights Janelle's conference came to an end and we set out to sight see the rest of Europe... or so it felt at times.

We next stopped in Venice, Italy. Which if you haven't been too, I might put it on my pass list. It's beautiful don't get me wrong. But crowded, smelly and freaking expensive. We spent two days there and thousands of dollars. Or so it felt like. Stupid Euro. St. Mark's is very nice but walking in a huge line-up through the whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

But we escaped and headed to Rome which I really liked. We didn't stay in a hotel this time. Janelle found a super nice apartment a block away from the Colosseum which we spent four nights in. It was bigger (with living room and kitchen) and cheaper then the two nights in Venice. In Rome we saw everything. I mean everything. I didn't need to see the Pope changing but for a couple extra bucks you can do anything. I'd list off all the places but it's been months now and I know I went to Vatican and Colosseum and pretty much every where in between.

Next up we flew to the south of France. Nice, which sadly was pouring with rain. No topless beaches! So instead we rented a car and drove to Annott. I heard there was awesome Sandstone bouldering there. Of course it was raining there too. So one night in a hotel and we were off the next day to Cannes. I was hoping to pitch a movie deal... Instead I went to watch Indian Jones. I won't leave a review here. But... Aliens? Seriously?

We saw the sights and did the classic tourist stuff. I got drunk and complained that no one spoke English. But what's traveling without a black eye and good ass kicking from the locals.

Next up we jumped on a train to Marseilles where we spent two days trying to figure out what to do in a French Rivera town where the weather is crap and you don't eat seafood. But we had a good time and drank our fair share of wine. Or at least I did. Not my fault she's a slow drinker. She didn't grow up up north.

So Next Up, Fountainbleu! Where everyone who knows me knows I freaking love that place!
The best bouldering in the whole world in my humble opinion. We booked a gite for two weeks and rented another car for the same time as well. All we needed was good weather and I was sure I'd be ripping it up in no time. The weather pulled through too bad my arms didn't. New Zealand had left a lasting effect on me. Bicep tendinitis! Damn it. Now if anyone out there has ever had this they know it freaking sucks. Feels like your arms are dying. But I struggled through for the next two weeks mostly climbing slabs and old classics I'd done 6 years earlier. But on our rest days we traveled into Paris to sight see and hang out. Good times. I really like Paris. Though driving in it is another thing all together. Janelle can't navigate to save her life. But we had fun.

So now I'm back in Canada. Three months of physio and tons of training. I'm slowly trying to get in some form of shape.

I have one huge project right now that I've been working on quite a lot lately. I fell four times passed the crux last day. So I'm starting to feel like it might actually go. Hopefully by next week at this time if the weather turns I might have a psyched post for everyone to read.


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