Friday, November 21, 2008

Thinking about Ones Self and Their Place in the World.

So today I was sitting around watching Comedians on Youtube and I got to thinking about my place in the world. I asked myself am I important to society? Sure I consume as good as the next guy, i.e., Iphone, Audi, and every new gadget under the sun. Hell I'm writing this on my Mac Book Pro, but am I do anything for the betterment of the world.?

I make movies. Or I work on Movies. It brings enjoyment into the world. Or at least some movies. Not the ones I work on. There are a hundred percent crap. Sorry!

So as I sit here with one too many Long Island Ice Teas in me I ask the world and myself what can I bring to this world that hasn't been seen before?

I'm at a loss.

But I can say I haven't quit. I think back to the 90's and a song about wearing Sun Screen (Songs pretty terrible). That's me or will be. Forty and don't know what to do with my life. But at least I'll be interesting.

Yesterday it was announced that Einstein's theory of Relativity  E = mc^2\,was proven correct! 103 years later. Talk about leaving a lasting effect on the world.

Now I know I'll never prove great theorems. Or invent or cure.

But I ask myself Can I find a place in this world?

Can I?

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