Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Big White.

Hey there kids!

Well just got back from four days of snowboarding at Big White.

We left early Friday and drove the five hours to the mountain. The roads along the way were either slushy or covered in ice and snow. So it was a tense drive most of the way up. I spent a good portion white knuckle driving and telling Janelle to be quiet so we didn't drive off the road. It was fun to feel the traction control kick in and drift around corners at 120 km's and hour. But we made it.

When we arrived it was puking snow. Which was a very good thing. I believe the day before we left they only had two runs open. By the time we got there they had received 40 cm's of snow in 24 hours. Saturday morning I forced Janelle up for the first runs of the day. It was a powder day so I wanted to get some runs in before it got all tracked out. By the end of the day they had opened 32 runs and it snowed all day! Awesome.

I broke in my new board literally! By the last run of the day I had snapped my binding off, but it was an easy fix. So the next day it called for sunny weather and cold temps. And they weren't lying. -15 and windy at the top! Which changed the whole mountain. It went from a powder paradise to hard packed groom everything freezing hellhole! Ok that's a bit harsh but it wasn't as awesome as the day before. And the cold was a bit much.

Still got lots of runs in and had a fun time riding by myself. Janelle ditched me for the bunny hill. She wanted to work on her turns and steal free lessons from unsuspecting ski school instructors.

That night we went out for dinner and drinks. But we ended up being kick out of the local pub because it was a white on white party and my skin pigmentation didn't fit in! Or at least that's what I thought she said. White's only. That and they were only serving Molson Canadian Beer. Fuck, I'd rather drink water from L.A.

The next morning it was all me again snowboarding by myself while Janelle spent the morning shopping and drinking warm drinks. Not a bad idea seeing as it was -20 at the top of the mountain, windy and hard as a rock. I took about five runs and called it a day. I thought my face was going to freeze off. I got whipped by my lift ticket. Hit me right in the nose. Hell I thought it had cut the thing in half it hurt so much, though the ski patrol refused to heli me off the top of the mountain. Jerks!

So now I'm back in sunny and warm Vancouver... wait a minute! It's freezing here too. Well, I'll just jack the heat in the condo and watch Bay Watch reruns and daydream I'm in some sunny paradise.


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