Sunday, March 11, 2007

Tasman Update

Hey everyone. Sorry there aren't many computers down in Tasmania.
So I managed to find a internet cafe in Hobart. But no camera connection so Pictures will have to uploaded when i get back to Sydney.

Well anyways Janelle and I have been down here now ten days traveling around in a Rented Britz Van. Sort of like my Eurovan but camperised. we've been all over Tasmania we've hit all corners and seen more Winers and Cheese Factories then you can shake a stick at. Quite nice. oh and we found some bouldering down here. which was really good Sandstone roofs. really rad and hard. Janelle got all freaked out when we found out that where we were bouldering was where the Snakes mate. Anyways they can get quite aggressive. So in other words she freaked and we aren't going back there anytime soon. Well we had back to Sydney in a couple days so I'll post pictures then. But if you want a mental Picture to hold on to imagine Ireland with less water. m.

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