Thursday, January 18, 2007

Finally In Astralia

Hey all!!

Well i made it. 27 hours traveling sucks ass. That and being 6'3 doesn't help either. But whatever. I took jet lag pills the whole way and they worked like a dream. no jet lag at all. weird? So this morning (my first real day here) I got up at 6 and went surfing. Waves were about 6 feet and I got crushed, but in my defense i was riding a borrowed board that was way different then anything I've ever ridden before. The beach is only minutes away from where i'm staying. I will post pictures later, I left the cord in my other bag and couldn't hook up my camera to this PC monster. Oh and it's going to be 38 degrees today. Hot. well I'll keep you all updated I'm heading to the blue mountains tomorrow for some climbing and cliff diving.


Teresa said...

And we just got the first snow of the season... btw, my blog's alive again. barely.

Dave said...

Where in the world is Astralia?? Idiot!!
Love your brother Dave... you know, the one who can crush you into a fine powder....