Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tool Concert

Well last night was the concert for TOOL. In a word..."Awesome" There was no opening act but still it was awesome. The show had lasers smoke and a major light show. It was so loud that i could feel the music passing through me making my whole body vibrate. It was awesome. good times.

Tomorrow I'm heading in land to watch Garrett compete in National Down Hill Championship should be good times. The weather is going to be crazy 42 degrees. Freaking hot.

I'll post more pictures when i get a better computer these PC's are so slow that it takes 20 minutes just to load one.


Janelle said...

Thats one darn cool looking board. Its red!

Chris said...

42 celsius is food safe temperature
Enjoy while you can
In Victoria it was a toasty 8 degrees
TOOL you lucky bastard