Monday, February 5, 2007

Long over Due.

Hey everyone sorry I haven't been posting more, and sorry I haven't posted more pictures. To be honest I hate PCs and find them needlessly complicated. So until the stupid people at the Internet company final hook up Garrett's Internet I will only post a couple pictures now and then... (Today not being one of theses days.)

So what have I been doing well surfing and climbing. Well bouldering anyways. I went to this super awesome area in Sydney Yesterday which has the most concentration of problems in all of New South Wales. The rock is sand stone a little like Font though with out the nice shapes that France has to offer. I climbed a lot maybe 40 problems though it was super hot and I got a bit of sun stroke. I know this because when I went to buy beer after climbing I came away with Ginger Beer. Which if you've ever had is about the most terrible tasting stuff on the planet (turpentine).

If your interested in the area i went bouldering at it's in the Hills District. Kind of far from Manly where I'm staying. That and you have to pay a tole to drive across town (4 bucks each way). Sydney is huge also if you haven't been here takes forever to get across like 3 hours from one side to the other. It's like if they added Hope to Vancouver. Crazy really.

I've also been surfing a lot I'm pleased to say I am improving though it's a baby steps. That and I'm no longer being laughed at from the shore or by the other surfers. I think they now just keep it on the inside. The waves average around 4 feet to about 7 feet max. (That I've seen anyways.) I've only been to three breaks Curl Curl, Manly and Dee Way. Nice beaches though you have to be care full when the wind is blowing in from the ocean you get Jelly Fish called Blue Bottles which sting and hurt like hell. Luckily I haven't been hit yet though I saw a guy who had and he was all up in arms about it. Wimp... Jinx.

I'm planning on heading down to the Grampians in a couple of days for a few weeks of full on climbing. The reason I haven't gone yet is the temperature has been hovering around 40 for the past three weeks. Which makes friction a tad tough when you can't even touch the rock for fear of a burn.

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