Saturday, December 5, 2009

One week to go!

Well trainings over. Now I have a week to rest up a bit.

Too bad Squamish is going off the hook this week! I climbed yesterday and it was awesome. Crisp and dry. How good was it? I did Ol' Gite second try. I'm going to head up tomorrow with the Chung brothers and try and get a ton of volume in.

Hueco took a small turn for the worst. One of my main climbing partners broke his leg on Wednesday. Bubbles is down for the count. Spiral fracture of the tibula. He was down in Yosemite working Midnight Lightning when the tricky mantle decided to spit him off. A bit of a weird fall and trip over. Pretty bummed for the big guy. But on a happy note this means a better chance of seeing a new Squamish Climbing Magazine sooner.

I'm going to try and do running updates of the Hueco trip. Though it will be all dependent on TD and if he lets me use his computer... I'm taking my camera down and TD has an HD video camera so maybe we can get some footage of some of the ascents going down.

Can't wait! Though Squamish is super awesome right now too. So those not going better get out this weekend and enjoy the crisp temps.

I'd have some photos from yesterday but all the guys I climbed with are lazy with their uploads!


Seacrest Out!

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