Sunday, December 20, 2009

Quick update!

Howdy from Texas!

I'm writing this from a Carl's Jr!

Free Wifi!

So I've been in Hueco a week now. Good times.

The problems are longer than I remembered, should have worked on my power endurance.

So my first day here I managed to finish off my project from four years earlier. It's good to see some progression in my climbing.

I've now been on more tours in one week than my whole last trip. I went to west on my second climbing day. We warmed on Starpower and then went to Best of the Best which is a super cool long ass problem. I spent the first hour figuring out the crux then spent the next hour falling off on jugs at the end. So pumped, so tired. R Our tour was super cool. Thomo took us out along with some other friends so basically we had the run of the park. We finished off the day on disposable heros. Here is tall as hell. TD fired the stand with little drama while I fell off over and over again.

The next day I rested. The next day I climbed on East mountain with Pete, TD and Rich. I got my first taste of Full Service. It's bigger than I remembered and longer and harder. I managed all the moves except holding the big swing. That feels super hard. I think I can do it... It's going to be a battle. I hope I get enough days on it. I have no doubt my broken partner back home when healthy would crush it post haste.

The rest of that day I spent getting spanked on classics in East. Who would have thought it would be this warm in December in West Texas. Feels like high teens or low 20's.

So Yesterday I went to east spur. We tried the Scream and Bathtub. I think Bathtub is more likely than the Scream. Pockets aren't my strong point. Both super cool problems.

I'll write more later. For Now I say
Adios amigos
from West Texas!


Narc said...
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Narc said...

I warned you that power endurance would be key! :)