Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More to learn.

Well last we talked I was in Hueco having the time time of my life.

Well not much has changed. Expect the weather today. It's snowing and cold.

But it dries fast here so I'm not worried about tomorrow.

I've learned that my blog isn't an 8a reporting site so I won't go into details about who sent what or how hard anything is.

Just imagine I'm in a room full of giants and their all in top form.

A little humbling let me tell you. Whether it be some dude who can campus better than I can climb who decides that hanging from a small crimp is the best solution for the problem rather than wasting time finding feet or that some of the hardest problems in the park are a one day affair.

I'm having a killer time here. Though I did have to move from camping out at the rocks. We as a collective whole were robbed. They took stoves, tables and wet wipes? But not my minus 20 sleeping bag so I'm all good.

Well one week to go. I'll post pics when I get back to the true land of the free!

Peace from the middle east... America.

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petecimasi said...

oh shit! robbed? bummer... hows the rest of the gang faring out there? you get back to the dragon's den? transponding from the airport here in LA.. only 6 more hours until this journey's in the bag..