Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sitting at the Office

For those of you who've never been to Hueco Tanks you might not know that they only allow 70 people to visit North mountain a day. 60 with reservations and 10 walk in's. Today I'm in the walk-in group. It's quite competitive. I've been staying in the park campground this last week and if you want a walk in spot you have to get to the office early.

Like me at 5:30 am...

Now normally I wouldn't be so keen but it's Rich's last day and we need to get into the park.

Hueco is an awesome climbing area. But it could be better. It could be like every other area that you have free range.

So I'm sitting at the office waiting to go bouldering! Debating the three other cars beside me about waiting in the cars or standing in line by the door. It's -7 right now... 19 for you Yanks. I say we wait in the cars then make a made rush for the office at 8.

Keen to Climb!

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