Friday, January 22, 2010

What happened to the winter?

Man it was 15 degrees today! Awesome for climbing in a t-shirt not so good for the winter Olympics. Squamish is a gong show at the moment. With the impending doom that is the 2010 Winter Olympics a little over two weeks away, there are Vanoc security helicopters buzzing the boulders all day long. It's a little bit of nightmare in the making. But with that said I did manage to get my day of January bouldering in.

I could say I wish it was a bit drier but hey beggars can't be choosers. A day climbing is a day climbing.

Here's a photo Mike Chapman took of today's climbing.

Hopefully this weather holds for one more day and I can get up there again tomorrow.

Peace from the warmest place on earth that's hosted a Winter Olympics.


Fras said...

Great shot that you got out!

Random Rants said...

Will Vancouver be the warmest Olympics on record? I've heard that because of the warm weather trees are pollinating early this year, and some of the athletes choice winter sports because of allergies they have in the summer. Either way Canada will have yet another excuse for not getting so many metals...