Wednesday, June 3, 2009


(photo by Mike Chapman) Awesome representation of Squamish bouldering.

Okay, I know alright. I've been lazy yet again.

I talked about putting up a video but after further review I couldn't bring myself to post it.
The footage is terrible. It was shot with my digital camera (hand held) in a dark forest. So just imagine it was awesome and we'll all leave without disappointment.

So my other promise which I haven't voiced on here, but will do now is...

I'm working on a topo of one or two of my lists. So if your all good boys and girls this might happen in the next few days.

Quick update on project X and Y; came devastating close on project X. Ever get to a move where all you have to grab the jug and all your dreams will come true? I've been there ten times now. Some people would think that it was just a forgone conclusion, sadly I'm the opposite type. I worry that every failure is an opportunity that got away and who knows how many more I have left. I'm going up again tomorrow and I'm going to give it another go. 30 degrees will make it tough but for some bizarre reason I think that if I do it in this heat it will be a champion send.

Oh and a new project might be rearing it's ugly head as well. Project Z just joined the party. I don't know if it was because of the 30 degree weather or if I enjoy trying problems alot. Cool problem though. Might be a soul shatterer if I don't do it next day.

I'm going to make a promise to myself. Start cleaning up these problems now cause its no more mister nice guy! People tell me I climb silent but maybe it's time to put some growl in these attempts!

Oh and I met some cool Austrialians yesterday who have started up a website for people looking for climbing partners. I thought a few of my friends could use this service to meet girls but apparently it's not that type of site. ;-)



Meshkat said...

they would probably be Australian girls anyway.

Climbfind Roadtrip said...

Hey! Found your blog :).

Get in touch with us if you are keen to help us explore the boulders a bit more.

Cheers dude!


Trent (Merely) Hoover said...

It would be more fun if I knew what Problems X, Y, and Z were...

m. said...

The problem names will only be released when they are completed. Sorry if that isn't as much fun... I have been trying to make it a bit more fun around here. But apparently the cotton candy machine only works on my end.