Saturday, June 13, 2009

Problem Z goes down!

Finally some success to talk about here on the old blog!

Today I managed to put to bed a project that I had a lot of trouble on.

Problem Z aka Bates Motel.

Bit of a battle today as my skin was thin and sweating like crazy.

However I managed to fight the temps and send.

I wouldn't have been able to do it without some great spots from TD and the rest of the cowboys.

I single out TD because he took the people's elbow to the top of the head. I almost knocked him out but he managed to regain his barrings and give a great spot.

Now it's back to project X and Y.


Peter Michaux said...

What happened to "Bates Motel is a pile of choss"?

(Nice work, anyway.)

m. said...

That's funny I forgot about that. I was being a little mean to Trent just to tease him... I'll have to send him an email apologize to him. But you can't make a list of the best problems in Squamish and only list your own problems.

Man you can't write anything on the internet and not have it come back and haunt you.

Meshkat said...

I knew it would go down today!! Nice send and hopefully I'll see you on the courts tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

What's Bates Motel and more specifically what grade and even more importantly have I done it before.


Trent (Merely) Hoover said...

Matt - Congrats on Bates Motel! I'm psyched that you're climbing strong - inspiring, etc.

Now if I can manage to get strong / lose weight / get back into fighting shape before we move to New Zealand.

...and I always assume that you're being a little mean, I thought it was part of your personality.... ;)

Congrats again!