Saturday, June 6, 2009

Interesting ideas

So I was trolling the web when I came across an interesting video.

I think if this is real, it could have some practical uses in climbing and bouldering in particular.
I wonder if it's battery operated?

If you have the time watch the video (it's two parts).

Tonight I'm doing the no rain dance. Weather looks a little suspect for tomorrow.
If however it doesn't rain I'll be heading up to Squamish for some cool temps!

Maybe I'll see you up there.


Peter Michaux said...

Added bonus for climbers: 10 deg skin!

Anonymous said...

Thats crazy.

Meshkat said...

I watched the video and I think the idea is interesting. Apparently it has been around for awhile as some athletes were using it in the Athens games but I haven't heard anything about it so I wonder if it just never took off.

m. said...

Apparently it cost four thousand bucks. Could be a reason it never caught on.

Tom said...


Hey this is Tom Bell, just wanted to thank you guys for the hospitality you showed me last month when I came down from Whistler for the day. Climbing with you guys was definitely one of the highlights of the trip.
Hope you are doing well, and maybe I will catch you up in BC again sometime.

ps- I am interested to the link from this post, but not seeing it for some reason in firefox or safari.
If you dont mind shooting it to me in an email, I would appreciate it.

Peter Michaux said...

Can't we just get a bucket of water, some ice and a thermometer? It doesn't seem like rocket science.

m. said...

We were talking about taking an old dustbuster a water bottle filled with ice and using the suction to create the same effect...