Friday, June 26, 2009

All hail the Miura VS!

Today I went to Climb-On and bought a new pair of Miura VS with problem X in mind. I've been super close but my heel has been progressively peeling. I thought a new shoe might do the trick. Sadly I have the bottom extremely wired but the top keeps dashing my dreams of success.

A little turned off from my lack of success with problem X I met up with TD and filmed a him doing a bunch of problems on the AM boulder. Maybe it was seeing some super hard problems go down easy or maybe it was a nice rest, but after that we walked over to problem Y. We were a bit short in the pad department so falling would not be an option. I pulled on and for once everything went right. Success! Problem Y went down.

Super psyched about sending Auto-Body it didn't feel that hard just foot dependent. I'm going to chalk this up to my new Muira heel and toe. They stuck like glue and I managed not to screw it up.

Pretty gravy day. Sure I didn't do problem X but Auto-Body went down and so did a few other classics as well. All and all a pretty good day.

Right now I'm going to grow some skin and maybe just maybe I might get lucky on Sunday and finally put problem X to bed.

Photo courtesy of Jamie Chong.


Tim said...

nice work matt! awesome! nice photo by jamie as well!

AD3 said...
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