Saturday, April 4, 2009

Another day in paradise

Yup another climbing post!

There has been some mention that this blog only talks about climbing.

Well that's all I do so... Deal with it.

I could tell you about the latest movies I've watched, the new Punisher movie.

But that movie was freaking terrible.

Dominic West from the T.V. show "The Wire" was in it and still it was unwatchable.

Okay back to more important matters, the V7 project.

Day 2.

It started off well. I did Bali Song first try so I was happy. Bubbles has decide to join the party as well. He made quick work of Bali Song.

It seems likely that Bubbles will do this challenge quite easily. So I say up the stakes! V8 project.

He's going to ruin this for me I just know it. Make my struggle seem laughable...

Anyways he's climbing really well and did four 7's right away. I failed on three others today.

ATD where I couldn't roll the lip, after getting there 5 times, Stinger Direct where my left hand wouldn't allow me to hold on without excruciating pain and Buff where I did the first two moves but couldn't stomach the left hand crimp again. Bubbles made quick work of each of these and passed me in the challenge in one day. Yikes!

But maybe I'll have my revenge tomorrow. Don't hold your breath though.


Fras said...

Nice work on the shield matt, that's tough. I can't do it for the life of me...perhaps some of your infamous beta will do the trick :)

m. said...

The trick is have jeans on and be prepared to use them!