Saturday, March 21, 2009

Squamish Tomorrow!

Man have I been lazy lately. My finger is still bothering me, so I haven't been climbing in the gym. With spring break going on the Y where I work out has been swarming with young punks so I've been avoiding the gym.

So instead I've been hanging at home watching March Madness. NCAA is showing all the games for free on the internet. This is the best basketball period; close games, exciting finishes, underdogs, and upsets.

That being said it's super windy right now and it looks like it's going to nice tomorrow. I'm heading to Squamish tomorrow.

I earlier talked about a new goal. Well I'm calling it the V7 project. 30 V7's in 30 climbing days.

Here's a list I came up with thinking about possible 7's.

  • 1) Fuzz
  • 2) Air Tight Garage
  • 3) Stinger direct
  • 4) Inubuis
  • 5) Be On Four
  • 6) Black Slabath
  • 7) Crank Shaft
  • 8) Fixing the Car
  • 9) ATD
  • 10) El Camino
  • 11) Immunity Challenge
  • 12) Quick Stick
  • 13) Stand up to Sit down to Holm Boy
  • 14) Square Cut Low
  • 15) Mindbender
  • 16) King Swing
  • 17) Hummer Traverse
  • 18) Sonnies Problem
  • 19) Golden Boy
  • 20) Masterplan
  • 21) This Monkey
  • 22) Buff
  • 23) Coffee Girl
  • 24) First Nation Giver
  • 25) Sticky Fingers
  • 26) Breakfast At Tiffany's
  • 27) Bubbaharridus
  • 28) Corrupted
  • 29) Shield
  • 30) Masturbator
  • 31) Worm World
  • 32) First Nation Giver
  • 33) Sniper
  • 34) Five Stitches
  • 35) Squealing Pork
  • 36) Dynamite
  • 37) Humming Bird
  • 38) House of Parliament
  • 39) Ladies Man
  • 40) Angry Elf
  • 41) Green Traverse
  • 42) Rockefeller Roof (broken)
  • 43) Trent's Problem past Ride the lightning
  • 44) Animal Magnesium
  • 45) Last Man Standing
  • 46) White Trash
  • 47) Red Sea into Isrealya
  • 48) Ray-men Raw
  • 49) Traverse on the left side of the Ol' Gite boulder
It's going to be tough doing 30 I know there' s a few problems on the this list. However a lot of these are a little suspect.

See you guys tomorrow!


Jamie said...

just got back from Leavenworth. Great times. You get out today? Was the rock dry?

m. said...

I did was a pretty good day. My skin was paper thin but I had a good time.

Fras Charles said...

Hey Matt! I just got back from the NWT for work but I managed to hurt my shoulder pretty badly before I left so I haven't been able to climb since Mar. 8...starting treatment tomorrow so hopefully i can get back up with you guys again soon!

Anonymous said...

some of these are 6's

m. said...

I don't have a guide book so I was guessing...

Random Rants said...

Is it me or is your blog so exciting that I need drink copious amounts alcohol to read it. I hope you will actually write something other than what you just climbed on for once.
P frecken S
You will be talking to Luky the financial genius by the end of the week....

Trent (Merely) Hoover said...

Am I the Trent in (43) Trent's Problem? I have three candidates past Ride the Lightning...
1) Phantom Power (thought it was V8, could be V7)
2) Scotland Yard (V7 or V8, you be the judge, that problem is awesome)
3) the one wayyyy past ROTL, past the triangle room - the awesome looking line up the slightly overhanging face, can't remember exactly what I called it....

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