Thursday, April 16, 2009

Back by popular demand!

I'm on a boat!

Wait, what?


What up gang!

I got an email from one of my forest Ninjas with even more updaTed lIst of extra hard probleMs.

I won't give out the name however if you DO a little creative thinking You'lL figurE it out.

Singularity 14
Zazen V14ish
Black Magic V13
North Ridge V13
Velcro Low V13
The Proposal Extension V13
Unlucky V12
Proposal V12
Pool V12
Swamp Thing V12
Summing Low V12
The Drowning Grip V12
Harry Met Sally V12
Vince Pinch V12
Something Wicked this Way Comes V12
Frontside V12
Agoraphobia V11
Encore Enfois V11
Sharma's Jump Start V11/12 if you don't jump.
Dead End V11
Perfect Cave V11
The Method V11
The Number 19 V11
Lucky Sharma's V11
Stalling Tim V11
Siddhartha V11
The Egg V11
Black Hole V11
One Zen V11
Funeral Arrangements Sit V11
An Hour Late V11
Wormworld Cave Left V11
Send the Pain Below V11
King Swing Low V10
Mo Troblems V10
Lo Troublems V10
Tragedy V10
Sharma's Link V10
Sushi Special V10
Tim's Face Low V10
Backseat V10
Jim Carrey V10
Krishana? V10
Night Crawler V10
Escaping Dilation V10
Mr. Bigglesworth Low V10
Zero Zero V10
Escaping Delirium V10
Black Nails V10
The Other Way V10
King Kong V10
Serpent V10
No Honor Amongst Thieves V10
Wormworld Cave Low V10
Matt's Pinch low V10 (above Fuzz)
Salad Shooter V10
Small Motion V10
Primal Urge V10
Great Escape V10
Great Escape Left V10
Broom V10?
The Seam V10
House of Parliament Sit. V10
Problem to the Right of Resurrection V10/Project sit.
Tyson's V10 by Second Story
Bee Sting
Right Of Defenders ?
Muddy Waters
Sid's Secret Life
Blowing Bubbles
Mutual Funds
Project Up
Fuck Hydro
Charmin Ultra
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
The Thief
Jason Kehls by Nightcrawler ?
Creampuff Dream sit
Cliffrords on SACP Boulder ?
Evil Onion
Gibbs cave seam ?
Flat Edge face ?
Pot Belly
Left of Pigs in Zen ?

So another 22 problems to get you psyched! Or depressed if your fat and lazy and just ate your weight in wine gums.


Meshkat said...

Wow that is quite the list. I am going to start on that next day. Though I am not sure if I should start at the bottom or the top?

Anonymous said...

This blog is so awesome! Finally a source for Squamish news.

Peter Michaux said...

Its quite a list but who's inflating the grades of a bunch of these problems?