Monday, April 27, 2009



I know it's been a while since I last posted but I have good reason.


That never works at home but maybe I can pass it off here. I mean what are you going to do stop reading? My mom wouldn't do that.

Quick update.

I haven't given up on the V7 project. The weather hasn't been cooperating. I went up to Squamish last week and found the wettest boulders ever! Okay maybe not ever but it was freaking wet in there. I thought someone had sprayed the boulders with cat food. It was sick in there.

So hopefully tomorrow I'll be back on track.

This weekend I went to the Island to climb. My other friend Tim invited me over to climb up in Duncan.

TD sending a new test piece on the Jackpot boulder.

I've actually been there quite a lot. I think I even heard myself telling someone I'd been there 50 times. Though that sounds like the ramblings of a mad man. More like 20 but who knows I could have blacked out and been there 50 times.

The boulders there are sandstone which is a nice change from the finger tip destroying granite in Squamish.

Saturday morning we planned to meet at Tim's however I was in for a shock. Not only was it Tim but my old basketball teammate Reagan was there along with Liz Mathers. What a surprise. Liz and I used to campus together all the time back when I lived in Victoria. But she moved to the east coast and me to the mainland. So pretty cool.

Regan sending on the pocket problem right.

Sasha, a friend of Tim's, was also along for the trip and was psyched because it was his first time to the boulders. That got me even more psyched because I love the Duncan boulders and it's always awesome to see someone else get psyched on the area as well.

Forty minutes later we made the trip up island and who was waiting for us none other than Squamish powerhouse Brent Mickelson.

Brent giving what-fore on a Duncan problem.

We made the 40 minute hike with little fuss and proceeded to have one awesome day. I managed to do a long time project (stay tuned for Video). And everyone else crushed!

Moving so fast the world blurs!

Awesome day. I'm psyched to go back again this summer and this time take a few more "Mainlanders" over as well.


Mary Lucas said...

Yes, I still read and enjoy your blog. Looks like you had a great weekend. Hope the weather keeps up so you can continue to climb.

m. said...

Thanks Mom!

Jamie Chong said...

Can I be one of the other mainlanders for next time?

Meshkat said...

Count me in.

Fras said...

Nice one on sending your projy Matt! Looks like a fun spot..