Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sending got me thinking.

Today I sent a project.

Hurray for me and all that jazz!

It was something just about everyone finds easy and I struggled on for over four days. I did all the moves on the first day. And just couldn't put it together.

Then today while no one was around I went up and sent it first try.

It got me wondering if I climb better alone or if I can't handle the pressure of having large groups watch me climb.

I've been in the middle of a climb only to be shouted off a problem by unruly crowd.

In their defense I believe they thought they were helping by shouting beta and giving encouragement.

But maybe I prefer quiet? I don't know. It was interesting today because my project had a scary top-out. But I'd done the top-out before so I was confident that I would send. I told myself to calm down and I walked across the top with little drama.

One of my favorite things about climbing is the social aspect, but maybe when I start feeling like I'm having a mental block on a problem the solution is to get busy on the problem alone.

I tried to send two projects today only to show up and find the pads hidden under the problem gone. I mean I'm willing to try sending alone but I think some problems need protection. Just like some climbers...

Anyways I'm going to try and send as much as possible in the next 7 days. Because after that I'm off to Hawaii to get married. And as everyone knows the minute you get married you start packing on the pounds. I'm already one of the largest boulderers around. God help the holds when I get back from two weeks of eating drinking and chilling on the beach.

I don't have any photos to post lately because my friend Mike Chapman has stopped taking photos of me. The only people he shoots anymore are famous rock climbers. I think getting all those photos in the new Squamish bouldering guide book has gone to his head.

Oh and the rumor that there is a photo of me in the guide is just that a rumor. I think it might be my twin brother Matthæus, but it certainly isn't me that guy isn't sending and I'd only be photographed crushing.



Anonymous said...

There's definitely a fine line between climbing with supportive friends that help you stay motivated and climbing in a "crowd"- I have a lot of trouble when climbing with more than 3 or 4 other people, especially if I'm getting sprayed mid-climb.
I have a 20-day Squamish trip planned for september and all my partners had to bail. At first I was bummed, but after awhile I realized that it actually might be really fun.
Good luck on the rest of the projects!

TeaCozy said...

Wouldn't it be better if all you could hear was the click of my cameras mirror smacking back down into position. oh and maybe matt you would like the hear the soft, calm and soothing breathing, of your spotter, in your ear. hahah only kidding... running over some ideas for your banner, when you're up next we can have a chat.