Monday, August 16, 2010

Well summer is over!

Or at least the climbing part of it is for me.

Today was my last day in the forest till September. I'm leaving for Hawaii on Wednesday morning and tomorrow I'm going to spend the day completing the finishing touches on my to-do-list.

Well this years summer wasn't exactly as productive as last years. Sure I sent a few things. But I never really pounded off something awesome. My big three projects are still that. My big three. But Sendtember is just around the corner and hey who knows maybe I won't pack on 20 pounds of fat laying on the beaches doing nothing but drinking and eating, and I'll come back when the temps are a bit better and crush my projects Ondra style (Sorry Sharma, there's a new kid on the block)!

So how would I rate this years summer? I had a ton of laughs and tried hard on most things. I felt like this year was especially hard on the forest. People where off trail like crazy and leaving their trash all over the place.

I wish people could see this place like I do. I love Squamish it's my favorite place to climb on earth. I know! Even more then Font. I just want people to treat it a bit better. But all in all a pretty amazing summer.

I'm off to get married so I'll be on vacation from the forest. I want all of you to watch over the place for me. Give people a hard time if there off trail and hassle them if you see them leave garbage on the ground. Oh and tape from your fingers that needs to be picked up as well. Return the pads you borrow and if it's late at night and you see pads left out pull them under a boulder so they don't get wet in case it rains.

I'm going to take my shoes with me to Kauai rumor has it there is some climbing... But I'm not optimistic.

Well have fun. I'll see you all on the flip side.

The future Mrs!


Meshkat said...

I have a couple leads.

Trent Hoover said...

I hope you guys have a great time in Hawaii!! Give our best to your lovely wife-to-be - she deserves so much more than you! ;)

winter's mama said...

YESSSS!!! Congrats so much to you and Janelle...can't wait to hear all about it.