Friday, July 23, 2010

Photo Project

Here's a photo I took off the top of the Black Dyke. I'm pretty happy with it. It's five images stitched together. It's my first attempts at photo shop. I actually had to build a weird mount for my tripod to accomplish this shot. Wrapping my head around the concept of nodal point took some figuring out.

Anyways I'm heading up again tomorrow to Squamish. So say hi if you see me!


Peter Michaux said...

Matt, that's a nice picture. When I tried making a panorama in Photoshop the stitched-together image was in the shape of a rainbow. How did you get a rectangle?

m. said...

I shot at 45mm and overlapped around 30%. Then I cropped the image. There was a small fan effect. But the fat was trimmed. I printed a 36 by 11 inch print which will soon be hanging on my wall.