Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blogged down.

Sorry for the lack of updates.

Been a brutal last two months.

First my motivation went down hill.

Then my condo was filled with poisonous gas.

Then I moved.

Then a death in the family.

The loss of my brother has been hard to handle.

But I'll solider on, because I think he wouldn't want me moping around.

Squamish has been awesome the last week.

It's been cold. Today I spent the day up there with my good friend, Meshkat. It was -8 Celsius;
that's 18 f for you yanks.

I'm trying to whip myself into shape. I'm planning to go down to Bishop at Christmas and want to send a couple problems. I made a promise to a friend in Australia that i'd send his project for him...

Tomorrow is the Reel Rock tour in Vancouver. So I'm going to inject some motivation.

Maybe another bouldering day outside too.

I'll try and remember to bring my camera for some pics for you guys.


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