Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hardest Unrepeated Boulder Problems.

Basically I've decided to steal an idea from Climbingnarc.

What are the hardest unrepeated boulder problems in Squamish?

  • Singularity V14 (Tim Clifford)

  • North Ridge V14 (Georg Jost)

  • Zazen V14 (Harry Robertson)

  • The Reckoning V14 (TD)

  • Big Dragon V13 (TD)

  • Everything Roses V13? (TD)

  • The Pool V13 (TD) It's known in the book as "The Deep End" but the full name is "The Pool".

At the moment I can't think of any other problems that are considered super hard and unrepeated. I could be wrong. I'd be happy to update this list if it's otherwise. I wouldn't be surprised if one or two of these have been repeated but as far as I know these stand unrepeated.

It would also be rad if I had videos of all of these... Or even pictures.

UPDATE: Found this picture of Singularity, pretty hot.

Anyways later!


Anonymous said...

Still waiting for the video of Zazen...

Si said...


m. said...

The Method was repeated this summer.
Mike from California.

Anonymous said...

Hey you seem to know alot about climbing in Squamish, do you think the french system of painting arrows on the start of a problem would be helpful there. There could even be circuits! I don't see any disadvantages... easier to find problems, no need for guide book, Climbers should make the space theirs and this is just one more way we can do that.

m. said...

In response to the anonymous comment about circuits:
Having spent a lot of time in Font, circuits there are amazing. Some of my best climbing days ever were climbing the circuits there. That said Squamish is very different from France. I would say almost all of the local climbers would be against painting arrows or numbers on the boulders. It's a local ethic not right or wrong just the way it's always been. Doing circuits in Squamish is quite common Squamish climbing Magazine posted a very good 25 V4 circuit which I ran with the author. If this sort of thing is for you, you can easily create your own circuit. Or send me email if you need a climbing partner.

Just remember no one owns anything in the forest that is the beauty of the place. It's magical place for everyone. Climber, Hiker, and sight seer.

Trent Hoover said...

MATT, MORE POSTS! Stop being so lazy... dammit.