Saturday, February 21, 2009

A New World Record!

I hate to overstate, but today something historic happened.
10 million BC man invents fire, 4 AD Jesus Christ is born, 1492 Columbus discovers America, 1969 man walks on moon, and now today Jamie Chong climbs the Seven Terrors!

I'll be able to tell my children one day, I was there to witness it. What makes this event truly amazing is that it all started innocently. We were over at Razorburn and Jamie just happened to walk by. I mentioned casually that Razorburn happened to be on the terror list. He laced up his rock shoes almost instantly. While most would shy away from a terror, Jamie attacked with full force. I was a bit surprised to be honest. Most spend years training for something this monumental. But he fought and struggled and flashed his way up Razorburn. Once he reached the top I knew it was on. It was a matter of strength, will and determination, and he had all those.

After he battled through Razorburn we headed over to Good As Gold. Almost instantly Jamie was humbled by the task he had undertaken. After an hour of silent meditation, he had to come to grips with his fears and met his task head on.

Next up BAD DAY LOW. The stopper, the widow maker, the one, the only, the devil in disguise. I won't lie that I had doubts it was going to happen. Upon his first try it was apparent that BDL wasn't going to give it up easy, he was going to have to fight. Dig deep, exorcise his demons. One try later he was at the top. A little shaky but ready for more.

Ol' Gite and Cream Puff Dream fall quickly but with drama all the same. Jamie was joined by his life partner Sara who help him keep his emotions together. At this point the light was failing so we rushed to Original Worm World where Jamie was successful though not without beta shouted from the growing masses.

The end was in sight. Only Pat Crapped At (aka first of the Seven Terrors) remained, with little light and a horde of fans watching as Jamie battled up the last and ironically the first of the Seven Terrors.

At first words escaped him. Humbled by his achievement he thanked his sponsors, his girl friend, his fans and lastly most of all Matthew.

Now we wait and see if this can be repeated like the four minute mile where the barrier was broken and quickly repeated less than a week later. Or will this be the long jump record that lasts 25 years. Only time will tell. But history will remember today.


Fraser said...

Thanks for the climb yesterday Matt...good hanging out with you guys again. Also, your blog's way better than Tim's too.


Gary said...

What a great picture of Jamie :)

Jamie Chong said...

I don't know why they're called the Terrors. Nothing terrible about them. Fun problems actually. I'd even recommend this tick list to a stranger.

Anonymous said...

ya, i hear ya fraz, matt's blog's way better. ok, time for someone to join jamie's one man club!

Anonymous said...