Friday, March 16, 2012

Somebody else commented so I'm writing another Blog Post

I have a little rule, that I'll write another blog if I get two comments. While somebody commented so now I'm left trying to come up with a post that won't have you clicking back before you finish this sentence.

It's the middle of March now. Like many of you I'm in the "Lets get this stupid winter over so we can climb outside phase." This year I've been climbing lots. To give you an idea I've actually climbed more days so far then I had last year at this time.

Thanks to the Squamish Bouldering Coop, (which happens to be 20 seconds from my work) I've been climbing 4 days a week.

Some of you believe that climbing is the best training for climbing, but I believe that climbing builds technic but I don't know if it helps build power. So that said I've been trying to increase that by power lifting four days a week.

Lets not get ahead of our selves thinking that I'm some goon pressing 600 pounds above my head. But I am working towards my body weight for most things. Or twice your weight you skinny bastard!


Anyways this year I'd like to crack the Bubbles V10.

Or get a couple Bubbles approved V10's and possibly a 11.

Now I know this seems a little like grade chasing but I'm just psyched on a couple problems.

The Reckoning Stand
Worm World Cave Low

I'll have to get the other 10's approved by the forest adjudicator.

So on that note. I spent this morning doing Wallballs and muscle ups.

Feel free to come by my shop to give me sympathy. Ask for something off the bottom shelf and watch me cry as I trying to bend over.



Unknown said...

Climbing WWCL is not grade-chasing if you ask me. in my opinion, it's simply one of the sickest problems in the forest! :-)

BUBS said...

Acceptance is admitting truth! How much is this training paying off? should i be upping my game?

Anonymous said...

whats "the Bubbles V10"? is that a problem named Bubbles graded V10 or any problem Bubbles says is v10?

m. said...

Bubbles or the Forest Judge decides on whether a boulder is a 10 or not. Sadly if I send generally it gets downgraded... Though I think that might be part of the grading equation. I think I might be a minus one on any grade I've sent. ;)

bmcghie said...

I'll work the Reckoning stand with you! And the other two are excellent problems as well!

MeJa said...

How many reps you doing in those lifts?

Anonymous said...

Not sure powerlifting will actually help your climbing, but it probably can't hurt. Glad you're psyched and training hard!