Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Ten Commandments of Bouldering Etiquette

  1. Thou shall not Gang Bang a boulder problem.*
  2. Thou shall leave a bouldering area better then you found it.
  3. Thou shall only listen to music with headphones.
  4. Thou shall brush off your excessive chalk and ticks.
  5. Thou shall stay on designated trails.
  6. Thou shall give attentive spots.
  7. Thou shall not brag or spray excessively.
  8. Thou shall keep your language and tone to a reasonable level.
  9. Thou shall think of the area more than yourself.
  10. Thou shall control your animal's behaviour.
*** Gang bang -- To show up to a boulder problem in a large group and proceed to attack the boulder with no respect for the boulder or anyone else trying it. A classic gang bang move is to steam roll a small group with a larger one finally forcing the small group to leave due to the loud obnoxious behaviour. Usually gang bangers don't brush or clean feet between tries. Gang bangers often have one or two climbers who have climbed the problem before who either sit to the side spraying about past glory or trying to climb said boulder with street shoes.

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A fun and thought provoking list. I wanted to share it on squamish with a link back to your blog. Can you email me an OK and can I use your last name? What is it? thanks
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