Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Return!

I'm back! Sorry for falling off the map. I'd like to say I've been super busy and every time I tried to write a blog something major came up, but that rings false. Lets face it. I was watching youtube videos or bad movies like "The Room".

In the last month I drove up to the Yukon for a visit, got engaged, and started school for the fall semester.

My visit to the Yukon was good. Climb-wise not so much. I wanted to check out a bunch of the climbing areas in northern B.C. along the way up to the Yukon but most of it fell through. The Ruth lake boulders were so unimpressive I didn't bother putting on my shoes. And the boulders outside Prince George were soaking wet due to a super heavy rain storm.

In the end I didn't climb until Janelle and I made it to Whitehorse.

I did manage to pull one over on Janelle by springing a sudden marriage proposal on her along the way up north. Sure we haven't been dating that long but I say why wait when you know you've met the one.

Oh on a side note if you want a trip with your girlfriend to go well it's not a bad idea to have jewelery on hand to keep spirits high.

In Whitehorse we stayed at Boréale Mountain Biking. It consist of super nice boutique yurt accommodations with really cool owners that just happen to be some of my best friends. Great hosts but be warned, people in the Yukon love food and drink so except your waist line to grow if you head up for a visit. Unless of course your biking all day or climbing regularly.

The weather in the Yukon was cold! Flat out. Everyone I talked to went on and on about having the best summer in recent memory. Too bad Janelle and I only saw rain and icy temperatures.

I did manage a few days climbing while we were up there. The Rock Gardens are worth a visit. It offers a few boulders but mostly its a single pitch crag area with most of the climbs being top ropes. I climbed all the boulders that I could find with most of them being really nice moderates. I don't know what type of rock it was but it was different from anything I've climbed on before. Sort of like granite but without crystals and with a tiny honey comb texture. Very grippy too bad there wasn't more and with big roofs!

I also managed to borrow a four by four thanks to Marsha's (owners of Boreale) mom and we got to go out to the Ibex Valley. It's a pretty bad road needing some pretty big clearance. The Audi wouldn't have made it.

Having been to the Ibex 9 years earlier I really wanted to try some of the problems that shut me down all those years ago. I learned a couple of things. One I still am the worlds worst mantler and I have better foot work so some things are easier but I need to do more dips. I manage every problem except on stupid mantles. Which I fall off about 20 times before giving up.

The Ibex is a beautiful climbing area which makes you feel completely isolated. So if you want to climb in a super exotic area it might be the place for you. Not a lot of problems. But enough for a couple of days for sure.

The trip back to Vancouver was a bit epic. It's closer to drive to L.A. then Whitehorse from Van. But in one day we saw 5 bears two moose and bison. The scenery is world class though which beats the hell out of the I5 any day.

Well now that I'm back in Van its time to get my train on. I have Hueco Tanks coming up at Christmas and this trip I'd really like to do Full Service. I know that's a lofty goal but I think it's attainable. I've been doing a weight program along with an ab routine that has been making my abs hurt for days afterwards.

I'll post photos of the bouldering up north. I left my camera cord in the Yukon so I have to wait until it gets here to finish up loading the rest of photos.

Talk to you guys again soon.



Jonathon Kres said...

, big congrats mate! All the best :)

Trent (Merely) Hoover said...

Congratulations to you, Matt! Of course, I have always suspected that Janelle could do a lot better, but I'm still psyched that she said yes! Hmmm... but who will make a cake for the cakemaker? All my best to Janelle!

AND you should come out to Godman Creek sometime. 80+ problems now, but still the hardest line is V6 or V7. But at least three hard projects there now, including one with a huge move (we can't even figure out if its a dyno or not).

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