Thursday, July 23, 2009

Never Over Stating!

I don't like to over hype things in life. I like to keep it real.

So when I say this I want you to understand the importance of this news.

  • Human Control of Fire 400,000 years ago
  • The Wheel discovered 3700 BC by the Mesopotamia
  • Algebra invented by ancient Babylonians
  • Penicillin discovered 1928 by Alexander Fleming

Major discoveries in the history of mankind. Now I bring forth the fifth and most important!

The "I" boulder! How will this boulder change history the same way the other listed above?

Only time will till.

However with 7 new problems and potential for many more this might even have far greater implications then I can list here.

Now to record a little history about this new boulder. Like many great discoveries, I was lost when I stumbled on the boulder. Like Columbus I thought I'd found something different than what it was. I left soon after to try to meet up with my group but knew I had found something special.

A few weeks later coming back with my good friend Mike Chapman we set about cleaning what we hoped would be an awesome problem. Instead we found much much more. First problem up was the super cool "I" squeeze overhang. Then TD joined the party adding a hard sit-start to the "I" and another gem to the left called "Tip Toe". The following day Meshkat, Mike, Bubbles and myself head back adding four more gems. "Row Boat", "Love Boat", "Mast" and "The Mustache Slabs".

When we finish off the last of the classics, I'd be happy to take any willing parties to check out a new out-of-sight boulder.

Bubbles sailing to the second ascent of "Mast"
Photo Courtesy of Meshkat Javid


Meshkat said...

That's worst photography I have ever seen but I am excited to go back!

Tim said...

love the photo!

Trent (Merely) Hoover said...

You have me all curious... However, if it's on the downhill side of the northwalls road, I've already been there. ;)